CP Media Sets Industry Standard as a Living Wage Employer

CP Media, which includes the Adverta and Eye Airports brands, the UK’s leading independently owned media company, is thrilled to announce its recent accreditation as a Living Wage Employer. This prestigious recognition places CP Media at the forefront of companies voluntarily championing employee well-being and prosperity. By adopting the real Living Wage, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to ensuring that all our valued employees earn a wage sufficient to support a fulfilling life.

The Living Wage Foundation’s extensive research and experience have consistently shown that becoming a Living Wage Employer has a profound positive impact on the entire workforce, regardless of wage levels. It not only enhances staff well-being and motivation but also reinforces our reputation as a responsible, considerate employer committed to the well-being of our people and industry best practices.

Mike Brennan, CEO of CP Media, expressed his enthusiasm about this commitment: “We’re incredibly proud to make this pledge, as it aligns with our core values and business ethos. Building a successful company hinges on attracting and retaining exceptional individuals, and the Living Wage Foundation empower us to achieve precisely that. We wholeheartedly embrace this incredible initiative because it not only makes sound business sense but also reflects our unwavering dedication to conducting ourselves as a socially responsible organisation.”

The Living Wage Foundation has been making a significant impact for over 10 years, and has successfully lifted over 45,000 individuals out of poverty. The real Living Wage, which is calculated based on the actual cost of living, is now voluntarily adopted by more than 14,000 UK business that share our belief that employees deserve a wage that covers their everyday needs, such as groceries or unexpected medical expenses.

This commitment to paying the real Living Wage elevates staff productivity and motivation in the workplace. Additionally, it enables organisations to remain competitive, retain their current workforce, and attract top talent. More than half of employers who have implemented the Living Wage reported improvements in the quality of job applicants. Notably, over a third of employers revealed that the Living Wage accreditation has significantly contributed to securing contracts and funding for their organisations.

By joining the ranks of Living Wage Employer, CP Media takes a bold step toward fostering a more equitable and prosperous future for all our employees and the industry. We encourage others to follow suit and make a tangible difference to the lives of our valued workforces.