Bus Advertising in Stoke-On-Trent – Campaign Winner

Bus Advertising

March’s winner for Campaign of the Month was Lucky Seven Taxis with their bus advertising campaign in Stoke-On-Trent.

Lucky Seven Taxis has been established since 1974 covering all of Staffordshire, anytime and anywhere. The family business is one of the largest Taxi Operators not just in Stoke-On-Trent but the whole of Staffordshire, alongside being one of the longest serving taxi companies in the area. They have achieved this longevity by priding themselves on offering a professional, reliable and quality service.

Lucky Seven Taxis offer their services 24 hours a day every day, single rate day or night including Bank Holidays, the Festive Season and the New Year; there is no surge pricing. All their drivers are tracked using GPS, and many more benefits which you can read more about here.

Lucky Seven Taxis also brought out their own app, which is compatible on Apple and Android devices, making booking a taxi much easier. The system will even calculate the price before you confirm the booking!



Bus Advertising in Stoke-On-Trent – Outdoor Advertising Campaign

Lucky Seven were keen to promote their business, taking out seven Single Deck Mega Rear and four Streetliner bus adverts to start over this March and April for a 12-month basis on the D&G Bus fleet. The length of this campaign is ideal as it reaches potential customers all over the area for a prolonged time, giving a repeated message.

Lucky Seven Taxis chose to go with a variety of buses from D&G that cover specific routes. Three of their bus advertising campaigns is on the Orange1 route; this bus goes every 20 minutes. Another of their adverts is on the Blue2 route which is every 30 minutes, and another on Yellow 9 which covers a variety of routes. Lucky Seven Taxis also took another three Single Deck Mega Rear campaigns that are on random routes, allowing great exposure across Staffordshire, whilst their dedicated routes allow the client to target a specific area which is important to their advertising campaign.

If you would like to find out more about bus advertising in Stoke-On-Trent or any of our other areas, please click here.

Advertising on the Back of a Bus – Reasons To Consider It

  • Mega Rears are unavoidable ‘road block’ advertising, targeting drivers and pedestrians alike
  • As well as stunning visuals covering the whole back of the bus, Mega Rears have extended dwell time
  • They are available on both single and double decks
  • Long life vinyl is used, meaning campaigns can be run for longer durations of up to two years, ensuring a constant presence


Advertising on the Side of a Bus – Reasons To Consider It

  • Streetliners are 10ft or 13ft long posters which are available on single deck buses and can be bought in a mixture of sizes
  • As there are far more single deck buses than double decks, Streetliners generally deliver broader coverage
  • Streetliners deliver the message at eye-level for motorists and passengers alike
  • Streetliners offer a good balance of vehicular and pedestrian audience


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