Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Strategic Bus Advertising

With an all-star cast and a monumental production budget of at least $250 million, the film we’ve all been waiting to see is almost upon us! (Insert excited clappy-hands here).

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was first announced in the summer of 2013 at the San Diego Comic-Con and has been spawning excitement ever since. Despite there having been a slight backlash from comic book fans, we certainly approve of the casting of Ben Affleck… even if not purely for his acting ability.

Plot Summary


Following on from 2013’s Man of Steel, Gotham City-based Caped Crusader, Batman, travels to Metropolis to encounter Superman, anticipating the outcome if the aforementioned is kept unrestrained. At the same time, another threat in the form of Doomsday, created from General Zod’s corpse by supervillain, Lex Luthor, emerges. With humanity being in danger more than ever before, Batman and Superman are forced to leave their handbags to one side and collude with Wonder Woman to fight back against Doomsday and the impending…erm… doom.

Strategic Advertising


With $150 million apparently spent on overall promotion and advertising costs, we’re delighted to say that we had a small hand in the advertising campaign alongside our good friends over at Nottingham City Transport.

NCT have three bus depots, one being in Gotham, Nottinghamshire. This obviously ties in perfectly with this major Hollywood film and so Warner Brothers placed an order for bus advertising in this particular area. (You can read the story behind the origin of the famous Gotham City here.)

Batman V Superman bus advert #2
Batman looking good on a sunny day in Gotham

And so we come to the double deck wrapped bus, which is to be on the road for four weeks around the South Notts area. South Notts buses are a sub-brand of NCT (only on this route) and who are celebrating their 90th anniversary this year.

Any wrapped bus is always a spectacular visual out on the road but with all the hype around this particular film, coupled with some fantastic design work, it really is eye-catching. As always, the unique aspect of bus advertising is that you effectively have a mobile billboard travelling around. While film companies historically tend to favour the T-Side panel as they can utilise the drop-section for a personality shot, the decision, this time, was made to go with a full wrap…and what a wrap it is!

Our fantastic team of Display Specialists deserve a special shout-out for the fixing of this advert, that I’m sure will stay in our imaginary ‘Hall of Fame’ for quite some time. We only hope there were no broken bones as they fought over who would get to be part of the team on that particular day!



Official Trailer


If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t yet seen the trailer (12A) for Batman v Superman, we highly recommend taking two minutes to watch this before swiftly heading on over to your local cinema’s website to pre-book your tickets!


New York Premiere


In case you missed the excitement of the premiere which was streamed live on Sunday 20th March, you can watch it below and see what the stars of the film have to say about it.

“He’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.”

 Jim Gordon in The Dark Knight


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