Advertising a Food Business

advertising a food business

Here’s some food for thought… If you run a restaurant, cafe, take away or other food-related business, advertising on buses and trams could be the key to success.

The service industry is a volume game. Profit margins are generally low and customer turnover is generally high. The upshot? Your business needs to keep bringing in new customers all the time if you’re to thrive in a highly competitive market. Transit adverts can help you to drive a diverse range of clientele to your premises.

Why should I advertise on buses and trams?

In the digitally-driven world, you could be forgiven for thinking that your advertising efforts were best left online. However, bus and tram ads have a number of unique advantages especially for those in the food service industry;

  • Outdoor ads cannot be minimised, closed or ignored
  • They reach an audience that is as broad and diverse as your customers
  • Their reach is exclusively local, just like yours
  • They’re attention-grabbing and eye-catching
  • They put your food in front of the eyes of thousands of hungry commuters

Bus ads and food-related businesses can be two very complementary flavours. Here are some great ways to get the best out of your outdoor ads.

Use images that make your food look irresistible

Your adverts will be seen by lots of hungry people on their way home from work, just itching for an excuse not to cook tonight. Use a photographer who’ll make the colours and textures of the food in your adverts so vivid that viewers can practically smell it.

Direct your prospects directly

Write copy that reaches out to them. Make explicit mention of where they are and what they’re doing. Use direct reader address and rhetorical questions. For example, when faced with an image of a delicious juicy cheeseburger coupled with a message like “Do you really fancy leftovers again, tonight?” readers with low blood sugar will get a strong urge to change their meal plans for the evening*.

Let them know where you are

Make sure that viewers know where they can find you. If they know that they’re only a stop or two away from a taste sensation they won’t forget, you’ll be that much harder for them to resist. Even if they aren’t that hungry when they see your advert, they may file your address away in their memories for future reference.

Let them know why you’re different

If you can use this as an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your local competitors, so much the better. If you offer better value, a more nutritious product or higher quality ingredients than your competitors, this is a great opportunity to build extra value in your product.

Make it easy for them to order

The easier you make it for viewers to order, the better chance you have of converting them into regular customers. Are you on JustEat, Uber Eats or Deliveroo? Make sure you incorporate their logo into your advert. They can even use their smartphones to place an order while they’re in transit and have it hot and waiting for them when they get home. That’s a really appealing prospect!

How we can help

At Adverta, we are highly skilled and experienced when it comes to bringing quality advertising solutions to restaurants, cafes, takeaways and bars. We can ensure that your message reaches your target audience in a way that is effective and cost advantageous. Get in touch with us today to find out more.