“We are a charity concerned with raising awareness about symptoms of the sixth largest cause of cancer death in the UK, the oesophagus, which is the bit of your body between your throat and your stomach. Nobody knows much about it until you have a problem, for instance with swallowing, so our aim is to try and spread the word about the health risks of persistent heartburn with very little money because this cancer does not have the resources for fundraising that some other cancers have.

We wanted to have something eye-catching and thought that adverts on the back of buses would give people the opportunity to notice the adverts and absorb the message due to quite a long ‘dwell time’. Some of our volunteers have noticed bus adverts in other parts of the country and commented favourably on them. 

We have done a little bit of radio advertising before but did not have the funds to pursue it this time. We opted for adverts on 40 Diamond buses for one month to coincide with Oesophageal Cancer Awareness Month in February.

Adverta made the whole process easy because they managed the charity exemption from VAT, the artwork was all sorted out very efficiently and changes were made quickly before we agreed on the final version.

I was pleasantly surprised and would happily use Adverta again for future campaigns. Adverta were professional, prompt and efficient.”