Bus adverts for Derby Student Accommodation

Student Living Derby has been working with us for four years now, using bus adverts to promote their student accommodation via the Notts & Derby bus fleet. Being able to reach both existing and prospective university students going about their normal daily routines was crucial to running a successful advertising campaign and Student Living Derby felt sure that bus adverts would fit the bill.

Our Regional Account Manager for Derbyshire, James, met with Teresa Walter, Marketing Officer for Student Living Derby, who described how she was aware that although in-house posters obviously reached local students in halls of residence and at the university itself, it would be easy for students to potentially become a bit ‘blind’ to them after a while; she felt that having a special bus advertising campaign would enable them to reach students in different and unexpected places, creating a ‘new’ feeling.

Having looked at various options, Teresa and James soon reached the conclusion that internal bus adverts on university and college-specific buses, vehicles dedicated to running these key routes, would be the way forward. With these vehicles frequently transporting the exact target audience for the campaign, this ticked two very important boxes; frequent advertising and in key locations. Headliner bus panels were chosen as they are unmissable for both seated and standing passengers due to them being located just above head height.

Bus Advertising: The Results

Teresa told us this week that the number of returners’ applications for student accommodation has risen by 16% in the last year; a great statistic! Teresa added; “Bus advertising was a key part of the overall marketing strategy which achieved this increase. The buses are one weapon in our armour of targeting existing students and, along with Adshel advertising and our own in-house initiatives, has seen our ‘Returning Student’ campaign go from strength to strength over the last three years.”

Our conversation ended on a high, with Teresa telling us: “Placing our various bus advertising orders with Adverta has always been easy, efficient and has proven very cost-effective.”

Student Living Derby

Student Living Derby is part of Derby University and offers safe and convenient halls of residence as well as being able to assist students in finding rented accommodation through their registered private housing scheme. Moving away from home is a big step to take; something Student Living Derby is only too aware of and so, together with the local council and each separate landlord, all registered properties are assessed to ensure safety and comfort; a big reassurance for students and their families.

Visit their website for handy tips and advice, including arranging funding, doing laundry (something some freshers may find useful!), and money-saving tips. They also have a list of really useful contact numbers for Derby Uni students, such as local taxi firms, the local hospital, and local medical surgeries.

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