Taking the Leap

This week we have been catching up with SuperMini UK Ltd in Nottingham, who started their first bus advertising campaign with us earlier this year. We wanted to find out what their thoughts were on outdoor advertising now that they’re three months in and to ask what impact it’s made on their business so far.

Mat Clarke, Managing Director of SuperMini UK Ltd described to us the challenge he faced when it came to advertising the business; “Quite simply, as a lot of businesses can relate to, it was the cost. We are a very small business with a high turnover but a small profit margin. Spending thousands of pounds on advertising is something we have to be very careful about. We also needed to ensure we understood what we were trying to achieve with this kind of advert.”

Already advertising primarily on Autotrader, eBay, Facebook, Twitter and a few other motor trade websites like CarGurus, Mat wanted to try an alternative to internet advertising to see how it fared. After finding out about Adverta through our website, he got in touch and spoke with our Sales Manager, Tina, who arranged an appointment to discuss what kind of bespoke package would suit his business best, to fit within budget.

Fast forward four weeks and T-Side bus adverts had been designed, printed and fixed to two double deck buses driving on Nottingham City Transport routes, which Mat had specifically chosen for his advertising campaign.

We were delighted when Mat told us that it was the confidence that Tina had given him and the enthusiasm she had for the products which persuaded him to take out the bus advertising campaign. She must have indeed made an impression because Mat didn’t decide to trial a short campaign to see how it went; he felt so sure it was the right thing for his business that he jumped straight in with 36 months! He said; “Tina explained to us that bus advertising is a great way to gain presence locally and raise awareness of our business. Using social media to help with our campaign, after our initial launch we reached nearly 30,000 people on Facebook which for us is incredible.

Why Use Outdoor Advertising? The Results Are In…

Mat confirmed he knows people are seeing his buses, telling us; “We keep seeing them almost daily and our friends always send us a message when our bus drives past. It’s just getting our logo in peoples’ faces, which is great for when we expand.” Nothing beats seeing your business drive past on a huge 23 x 6ft poster in a busy area and Mat said it gives them all an overall good feeling when this happens.

“To other businesses, I would say that it’s a great idea to try in order to raise awareness for your business.  We had over 30,000 people see our original ‘bus’ Facebook post and we will run some more competitions this year to see if we can engage with even more people. It also helped us get over 1000 likes on Facebook which was a great milestone for us. The speed of the design set-up was very quick and the whole Adverta team are friendly and great to work with especially Tina; her competence really shone through and it was an all-round professional experience”.

SuperMiniUK is a privately run trade outlet, based in a new indoor showroom in Nottingham, 10 minutes from Junction 26 of the M1. Specialising in super little cars, small hatchbacks, ideal runabouts or first vehicles, they have something for everyone! Passionate & knowledgeable about the industry, they have nearly 20 years motor trade experience gained in large, prestige PLC businesses. They pride themselves on knowing what their customers want, delivering an exceptional customer service and providing great cars at a great price. 


Photo credit: Olga Dha S. Carrol

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