Our Regional Account Manager, Peter Robinson, has been involved from the beginning, contacting the Luton Council Fostering Service in 2017 to discuss the many products and services we offer through bus advertising. Peter has developed a strong working relationship with Luton council’s various departments including fostering services.

Every day, approximately 70,000 children live with around 56,000 foster families across the United Kingdom. On any given day in the UK, this equates to approximately three-quarters of the 97,000 children in care away from home. As a result, hundreds of new foster homes are required each year.

With these figures in mind, it’s no surprise that the Luton Council Fostering Service is advertising across all media, including radio, local magazines, social media and digital advertising, outdoor ads, such as bus advertisements, to raise awareness of the need for foster carers in their community.

We asked Reema Prabhakar, Communications officer at Luton Council Fostering Service what made her decide to advertise on buses. She said, “Recruitment of foster carers is a national challenge and we are no different in Luton. We run campaigns all year round to recruit foster carers and bus ads have worked well for us to create awareness and reach people in and around Luton ”

We were curious as to why the Luton Council Fostering service advertises on buses, “Our target audience for fostering comprises residents as well as people who live in and near Luton.” they said. Bus advertisements assist us in achieving this goal.


Benefits of Outdoor Advertising with Adverta – Reema’s Views

We are thrilled that Luton Council Fostering Service has continued to utilise our outdoor advertising campaigns to highlight the significance of recruiting foster carers. They’ve underlined the great exposure and increased opportunities to reach a variety of target groups (since it’s a moving outdoor advertisement), with frequent advertising and in those critical locations to emphasise the need for foster carers.

The simple yet high-impact placement of the Streetliner panel on the Centrebus fleet, which covers Luton and the surrounding areas, has continued to impress Luton Council Fostering Services over the years.

We were curious as to what measurable effects they were able to achieve with their fostering campaign by using bus advertising. They have stated that there is awareness because people have mentioned viewing the bus advertising. They also keep track of where those that are interested in fostering came from.

We are delighted that Luton Council Fostering service has described Adverta as having excellent customer service. Always prompt, supportive and flexible, and would happily recommend to other companies.

Fostering -Transform a child’s life

The Fostering department at Luton Council is dedicated to protecting vulnerable children, ensuring their well-being, and serving the community. Their well-established workforce has a strong sense of the town, understand its issues, and has the local knowledge and contacts to help deliver a local resource. They care for the children and young people in their care as well as the foster carers who look after them.

Fostering a child is a major decision that affects not just you but also your family and friends. Luton Council Fostering Service will be there for you from the beginning to the finish of the process, working as part of a team across several council agencies to support an enquiry all the way to approval.

The Support and Development department is on hand to assist you. They continue to work with the foster carers once they have been approved to promote their personal growth and professional development. They have access to a range of continuous training, help with employee benefits and discounts, allowance and fee information events. Their aim is to match all placements of children with trained foster carers within four months. Please visit their website to learn more about becoming a foster carer.