CW Entertainment has been working with Adverta, utilising bus advertising as part of their strategic marketing plan, since the start of 2015. Providing various entertainment options within Welwyn Garden City, comprising an independent cinema, roller-skate rink, soft play area, theatre and coffee shop/bar, these ventures are all supported with a subsidy provided by Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council.

Over the last two years, Adverta has provided several short-term, time-sensitive, bus advertising campaigns for pantomimes being held at the theatre. These particular campaigns used a mix of super rear and headliner (interior) bus panels; the aim being to maximise the advertising impact and to target drivers, pedestrians and bus users alike.

High frequency, repeat advertising has long been used to boost awareness of a message/brand and to result in potential customers being able to recall the advert in question.

Having tried traditional print media advertising, events and digital campaigns in the past, CW Entertainment faced the issue which a lot of businesses struggle with; the cost element and not being able to track results.

Adverta were approached for the cost-effective nature of bus advertising campaigns and for the constant exposure on offer. This particularly appealed to CW Entertainment when placing orders for bus super square panels (a 3m wide square in the centre of the side of the bus which includes vinyl covering the window) to run for six months to advertise the cinema venue.

Ben Jardine, Marketing & Business Development Manager for CW Entertainment, is very pleased with the publicity gained from the various advertising campaigns over the years, saying “Adverta provide a cost-effective and friendly service, whilst being efficient and professional.”

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