Crich Tramway Village, based in Derbyshire, have used bus and tram adverts across Derbyshire and Nottingham to spread their message and raise awareness to as wide an audience as possible. We wanted to get in touch with them to see what their thoughts were on outdoor advertising after having three years’ experience of it.

Amanda Blair, Marketing and Business Development Manager of Crich Tramway Village, had previously tried advertising using magazines, newspapers, social media, leaflets, and radio.  However, she told us she feels that bus and tram advertising is a very visible form of advertising. Amanda told Adverta that they initially went ahead with outdoor advertising to “try something new” and the areas we could offer coverage matched exactly what they were looking for.

Just 10 days after our in-house design team had completed the first proof, the artwork was to Amanda’s satisfaction and was on target for hitting the roads early July 2015.

Three Benefits of Outdoor Advertising with Adverta – Amanda’s Views

  • Outdoor advertising is a very visible form of advertising, out on the road every day of the campaign
  • Impressed with the maintenance of the campaigns; if an advert got damaged, it was replaced without fail
  • Outdoor adverts targets motorists and pedestrians alike so gives a broad coverage of ages

They chose a variety of panels such as Single Deck Mega Rears, Streetliners and Super Rears on the buses as well as Tram Headliners. This mix of panels was” an option to target different sectors and be so visible”. 

We were delighted (although not surprised!) to receive positive feedback on Adverta’s Account Manager for these campaigns, as Amanda told us how she was often sent photographs of the vehicles carrying her adverts in various areas.

We’re thrilled that Amanda has continued her outdoor advertising campaigns which she put down to our professional, flexible, and helpful service.

Derbyshire Tourist Attraction

Crich Tramway Village is a period village including a pub, café, old-style sweet shop and tram depots. The museum’s collection of trams run through the village setting with visitors transported one mile out onto the local countryside and back; a captivating journey into history.

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