Bernie Malone from Care Connect spoke with me about his thoughts on trying bus advertising to raise awareness of their service: “Having previously used newspapers, magazines, radio and the internet to advertise, bus advertising was something new for us to try. The fact that it was so affordable was an added bonus as that is always a deciding factor when working with an annual budget.”

Advertising Campaign

The initial order for Care Connect was for five streetliner and five bulkhead bus adverts, to run for four months from March to the end of June. These particular panel types were chosen with the prospective audience in mind; Care Connect were keen to target their potential customers and families. Bulkhead adverts are situated directly behind the bus driver, so capture the attention of anyone looking in a forward direction from their seat. The fact they are at eye-level means they immediately stand out. Streetliner bus panels are again at eye level but this time to motorists and their passengers, as well as being easily visible to pedestrians.

When it came to design, Care Connect provided Adverta with artwork they already had but asked that we pulled out the most important information to use that would best fit the bus panel types selected for their advertising campaign. Within a matter of days, our in-house design team had got approval for the final artwork which was then sent on to our in-house print department.

Keen to get their service out to the masses, the adverts were fixed to Scarlet Band buses to cover random routes, from Durham and surrounding areas down to Bishop Auckland.


Bernie told me that bus advertising definitely helped to get the message out about their service, with the areas of travel really amplifying this. So much so, in fact, that he took the decision to renew the campaign for a further four months. Bernie said he was happy with the service he had received from Adverta, from the initial meeting with our Account Manager, Lottie, through the design process to the admin/accounts stage.

The Care Connect Service

Anyone who lives in County Durham who feels they are vulnerable or at risk could benefit from the reassurance and assistance that the Care Connect service can provide. This includes the elderly, the infirm, anyone who feels vulnerable/isolated or anyone with a learning/mental health disability. Other people can also use the service if they simply want security and peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that the care service is available for them 24 hours a day.

Care Connect offers their customers an alarm monitoring and response service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to their home. Assistance and reassurance are provided and Care Connect will deal with emergency situations and concerns as they arise, dispatching trained staff when required.

With technology always on the rise, Care Connect are embracing this and, for example, can install a bed sensor for people who are at risk of falling during the night. The sensor is unobtrusive and puts an alarm call through to the control centre if the person fails to return to bed within a specified period of time.

All that is required for this alarm service to be installed is a working telephone line which accepts incoming and outgoing calls and an electrical socket close by. Alternatively, a portable alarm system can be installed if there is no phone line available.

With over 20 years’ experience, Adverta offers an affordable, tailored advertising solution by promoting local businesses on local bus routes.  Buses are a great medium for advertising. With their size and mobility, your advert can be seen all around cities and towns, reaching hundreds of potential customers again and again. They target the out and about consumer, with constant influence for what to buy and where to go with timetabled frequency. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your advertising needs.

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