Jewellery and Glass Engraving by John Dearden has been on the fifth floor of House of Fraser, Manchester, for 36 years.

John, the owner, first approached Adverta in late 2011 as he wanted to promote his business in his local area and decided that outdoor advertising was the direction to go in.

Having previously tried the Yellow Pages and newspaper advertising, John told us ‘The first time I ever considered bus advertising was, not surprisingly, when I was following one on the way home. It struck me that, as an advertising medium, it ticks all the boxes.’

We worked closely with John and undertook a fact-find to gauge his needs and objectives. This included finding out what advertising he’d previously tried and what he was looking for in a bus advertising campaign. The main problem that John wanted to overcome was the location of his workshop, admitting ‘It’s not the easiest place to find, unless you know it is there.’

The information we gathered enabled us to tailor-make a campaign that would be best suited to John’s needs and meet his objectives. We identified that his local bus fleet, Transdev, offered a route which ran from Blackburn into Manchester, stopping right outside the House of Fraser.

John told us, ‘Initially, after booking a rear advert for 12 months and paying three months upfront, I was honestly beginning to regret placing the order. What if it didn’t work? But now, almost three years later, I’m very happy I went ahead with it and I plan to keep my campaign running indefinitely. With repeated sightings, it reinforces the brand identity or, in my case, engraving service.’

It wasn’t long after the initial campaign that John saw the rewards: ‘One lady also came into House of Fraser on the off chance that there was an engraving service. After asking someone on the ground floor who thought there wasn’t such a thing, she left.  The lady came back in shortly afterwards having just seen my bus advert!’

When it comes to cost, John says ‘In comparison with newspaper advertising, it works out at a fraction of the cost. People see the advert day in, day out, every week of every month, year after year. I noticed an increase of website hits from day one of the buses.’

Of Adverta’s service, we are proud to relay the feeling that ‘Adverta as a company are very professional and helpful and their design studio is spot on with graphic layouts that are perfect for their platform, or in my case, the back of a bus.’

With over 20 years’ experience, Adverta offers an affordable, tailored advertising solution by promoting local businesses on local bus routes.  Buses are a great medium for advertising. With their size and mobility, your advert can be seen all around cities and towns, reaching hundreds of potential customers again and again. They target the out and about consumer with constant influence for what to buy and where to go with timetabled frequency. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your advertising needs.

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