Where to Advertise Your Restaurant – Buses!

If you are an owner, you may sometimes wonder where to advertise your restaurant. Bus advertising is a fantastic way of publicising your establishment to your local audience and therefore prospective diners. 

With food & drink falling into our top three sectors from 2018, our December Campaign of the Month winner was Neelagiree, an Indian restaurant based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. A look at their catering team sees chefs coming from various areas of India. They offer a wealth of experience and knowledge about regional dishes, specialising in those from South India. Neelagiree has a large and tempting menu, with a vast array of vegetarian dishes. They also offer up to 30% discount on takeaway food ordered online which is always a bonus!

Restaurant Advertising

We first got in touch with Neelagiree at the back end of May 2017, keen to offer our services to them as we felt we could really add value to their advertising. A few meetings later and they had signed up with our Regional Account Manager, Will, for a few bus adverts to start in December. These were to run for 12 months and so would give the restaurant advertising over Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and all other key times of the year for the food industry, along with just a good old curry any other night of the week!

High Impact, Low Cost Advertising

Neelagiree were keen to really make an impact out on the streets of South Yorkshire and so chose to take two Streetliner and one Single Deck Mega Rear bus adverts to all be placed on the same bus… talk about a mobile billboard! 

The bus is provided by TM Travel, a key fleet in South Yorkshire and travels around Rotherham and surrounding areas up to seven days a week. With a variety of routes covered and the multiple panel types chosen, the advertising campaign for Neelagiree truly targets all forms of audience; pedestrians, motorists and shoppers alike.


Why Bus Advertising?

A range of business types use bus advertising. Whether you are a small business with one member of staff or a large council, we tailor-make packages to suit you, your business needs and, most importantly, your budget.

Buses enable you to drive your target audience towards your business and, with the size and mobility of bus adverts, your message can reach hundreds of potential customers on a daily basis. 

We have decades of experience doing what we do and our testimonials prove that bus advertising really does work!