Lynne Judd

Lynne joined the Team in July 2022, Lynne has always been involved with Customer Service either front facing or in an office environment, spending most of her working life with Debenhams as a Senior Manager and Barclays Bank for 22 years plus having covered many different roles and finally ending her career with Barclays as a Quality Business Analyst.

From this Lynne has gained a good insight into customer needs and is able to build a good rapport with people via phone, email, social media and face to face. She enjoys dealing with clients and gets great pleasure in knowing that the client is satisfied with the service she gives and her main goal is to make sure they are happy. Lynne is used to changes and challenges and enjoys achieving results off the back of these.

In Lynne’s life outside of work she loves spending time with her partner and her little French Bull Dog, doing numerous different things and enjoys time with family which is very important to her.