Andrea Barton-Lawrence

As an Account Manager at Adverta, I oversee advertising in key regions, including my hometown Sheffield, the iconic Blackpool, Warrington, High Peak, Leeds, Burnley, and Blackburn, where I manage the local bus fleet.

I leverage my extensive experience to guide clients in selecting optimal advertising sites and crafting compelling artwork. My commitment is to provide tailored solutions for all my clients’ marketing needs, collaborating closely with local independents to ensure a significant return on investment.

Beyond the hustle of advertising, I cherish moments with family and friends. My coastal holiday home is both a getaway and workspace, seamlessly blending work and leisure. Walking my dogs on the beach is a cherished pastime, accompanied by the soulful sounds of country and reggae music—genres close to my heart. Whether immersed in a captivating book or seeking engaging entertainment, I thrive on experiences that tell a story and captivate my imagination.