Private: ‘Deals of the Week’ for Adverta Short Term Bangers!

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Hello Adverta agency contacts,

We’ve got some sizzling deals for you this week. Check out our exclusive offers and make the most of your advertising budget.

Nottingham T Sides

Grab 25 spaces at an incredible rate of £6,250 for 4 weeks (usually priced for 2 weeks). Plus, enjoy a net production cost of £1,263. These buses cover the city center, ensuring maximum visibility for your ads.

Nottingham Super Edge Supersides

Get 45 spaces for just £105 per panel, totaling £4,275. That’s the price of a Streetliner! Production cost is £1,426. These newer greener gas vehicles cover the city center and feature the new Super Edge format, measuring 20ft in length with a diagonal leading edge.

Warrington T Sides

Secure 23 spaces for £200 per panel, amounting to £4,600 for 2 weeks. The dominant fleet in the town strategically located between Liverpool and Manchester. Net production cost is £1263.

Nottingham Tram

Take advantage of 5 giant sides (MW) starting from 24th July at a discounted rate of £3,200. The usual price is £5,500, but with this deal, we’re also including a bonus additional 2 weeks (total regular media cost £8,250). Net production cost is £5K. Tram T Sides provide the largest OOH opportunity in Nottingham, with your ad running the entire 5 carriage length of the tram and a six-sheet style drop in the center, offering extensive coverage in Market Square.

Don’t miss out on these amazing opportunities! Contact us today to secure your spots and make a big impact with your advertising campaigns.

Best regards,

Stephen Spiers

Head of Agency


M: 07798 618269