Health is the key to success for G & M Healthcare

We are delighted to announce that G & M Healthcare are the Winners of our Campaign of the Month for January.

G&M Healthcare first made contact with Siobhan at our Head Office in September 2021, coupled with the expertise of our Account Manager, Will Hallgarth, the client decided on a 12-month campaign for 6 Single Deck Mega rears to be advertised on TM Travel, Warrington’s Own Buses, Powell’s, and D&G Crewe’s bus fleets. The campaign is running parallel on various bus routes to create maximum exposure in Cheshire and South Yorkshire.

Fast forward a couple of months and their advertising campaign went live in November and December 2021.

The action photograph was taken by Will on the Warrington’s Own Buses service.

A Single Deck Mega Rear is one of the most popular panel types as you can showcase your brand on the whole back of the bus.

Commonly referred to as a “mobile billboard” Mega rears are portrait-sized and make a dramatic statement. This bus advert design is high impact through the use of bright and bold primary colours.

G&M Healthcare is a dedicated Weight Loss Centre and Cosmetic Clinic that have clinics based in Sheffield, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and London.

They specialise in MediSculpt therapy which is a personalised non–surgical weight loss program with a diet plan formulated by a doctor that incorporates natural foods which is delivered in a safe and effective way. Free virtual consultations are available. They also boast an online marketplace for consumers to purchase health products, vitamins, and natural supplements.

If you fancy any treatments and products or know someone who does you can find all the information on their website, with up-to-date news on their Facebook page along with fantastic testimonials from their clients.

All of us at Adverta are really happy with the final design for this advertising campaign. We would like to congratulate our Account Manager Will, and Siobhan at our Head Office. We would also like to thank our fixing and campaign teams for all their hard work in bringing this campaign to life.

Will had this to say “G&M Healthcare have been a pleasure to work with from initial booking, throughout the design stages and now whilst on the road. The adverts are very eye-catching and cover large areas of South Yorkshire, Cheshire and Greater Manchester for excellent exposure for the clinics!”

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