Fire & Ice Ltd – Double Winners of June’s Bus Advertising Campaign of the Month + Designers’ Design of the Month!

Winner of June’s Campaign of the Month and our designers’ Design of the Month is Fire & Ice Ltd; a modern bar and restaurant in West Bridgford, Nottingham. Based close to Trent bridge cricket ground, they offer an extensive drinks menu alongside their wood-fired pizzas and other edible delights!

Fire & Ice Ltd are one of our most loyal clients, having first come on board with us for their bus advertising in 2010. The success of their adverts was so great that Francesca Rutherford, co-owner of Fire & Ice Ltd, renewed their advertising campaign for a further four years before taking out an additional mega rear for two years to run alongside the original adverts.

In May this year, they came back to us once more to renew their bus adverts for a further 2 years. Francesca says; “We were approached by Tina some time ago and have been customers for around 5 years now and would never look back!The bus advertising is something we will definitely continue to do. From start to finish, working with Tina, the design team and, of course, Becky coordinating everything has been an absolute pleasure – bus advertising is 100% worth it.”

Over the years, Fire & Ice Ltd have changed the design of their bus adverts to keep them fresh and dynamic, working closely with our campaign team and designers.

Our design team told us; “They are always nice to work with and they keep coming back. It’s a strong design – free from clutter and too much information. We usually base artwork on current posters/flyers to retain a consistent look across all their marketing material, something we strongly recommend to retain brand awareness. It says instantly what they are selling.”

Affirming the statistic that 35% of 25-34 year olds having seen bus advertising in the last week, Francesca commented that their buses are often seen, generating excitement even after all these years and they get messages when the bus is spotted by regulars, too!

Francesca is thrilled with their recent accolade, saying; “It’s lovely to be a double whammy winner, so well done to the team!


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