Exploring Options in Bus Advertising Revenues : Insights from the ALBUM Conference

The recent ALBUM conference, hosted by Warrington’s Own Buses, which took place April 22-24 provided an interesting platform for industry leaders to discuss the future of bus advertising. This year’s focus was on generating more revenue, a timely topic as the industry seeks economic recovery and future financial sustainability after the massive Covid disruptions.

Adverta, the UK’s second-largest bus advertising provider showcased its ability to grow advertising revenues to transport operators and one of its great strengths is working with the operators regarding the branding and getting the balance right to both promote the operator brand AND maximise the advertising revenues. Adverta showcased its novel flexible advertising solution, which allows for partial use of bus space for ads, whilst ensuring that operators can still prominently display their branding and also benefiting financially.

Mike Terry, Commercial Director at Adverta, emphasised the real benefits of their advertising proposals, “We are interested in seeking new opportunities to generate advertising income which also helps our bus and tram service operator partners, but we are not just about revenue, we also help sustain and promote the bus company and its services by working with the operator to maximise strong and effective branding.”

The discussions at the ALBUM conference also revealed some dissatisfaction among operators about decreasing revenues elsewhere and a lack of choice and flexibility in the market. Adverta’s CEO, Mike Brennan, highlighted their commitment to transforming bus advertising within the industry and now delivering flexible but sustainable revenue solutions. “The number of promising conversations we’ve now had shows a clear interest in our direction ie  better service, more engaging advertising options and better financial returns to operators,”

For operators interested in exploring Adverta’s advertising proposals, further information is available on their website (www.adverta.co.uk) and they can directly contact Adverta’s dedicated team.

This conference has clearly illustrated that the bus advertising sector is poised for change as Adverta now offers an interesting alternative which could kick start a new era of growth and opportunity for operators and advertisers alike.