Richard Eccles

Richard has many years’ experience delivering outdoor media income contracts for central and local government organisations. Skilled in growing and managing businesses, Richard is responsible for ensuring our business delivers on its promises and creating successful partnerships with our clients. […]

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Emma Parvin

Emma joined Adverta in November 2019 as Finance Assistant and her main duties were processing supplier invoices and payments. More recently, however, Emma has also started working in the Campaign Delivery team which involves working closely with the design team, our clients, and bus companies. In her spare time, Emma enjoys socialising with family and […]

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Fred Marriott

Fred joined Adverta in August 2007, previously fixing adverts all over the country but now focusing on Nottingham, mainly at night. Fred fully enjoys his work and the responsibility it brings. Fred loves spending time with his partner and two children, along with socialising with friends and family. […]

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Becky Hall

Becky joined Adverta in 2011 as Administration Assistant. She has since taken on the role of Campaign Delivery Manager, which encompasses many different aspects within the business. Becky processes the campaign orders and works closely with the clients, the design team and the printing companies. Becky generates the workload for the fixing team and works […]

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Steve Tantum

Steve has been working with us since 2000 and has a great knowledge of the fleets and the job in general. He takes pride in his work and is responsible for regularly checking our fleets and keeping them maintained, as well as fixing the adverts along with our Display Specialists. […]

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