Mary O’Driscoll

A commercially focused Finance Director with 20+ years’ experience within manufacturing, property, service and leisure industries. From Multinational corporate to privately owned SME exposure. Excellent financial skills with a strong understanding of business processes from both a technical and commercial perspective. M&A and transitions experience Providing strategy and growth focus Combining excellent communication skills, strong […]

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Edward Armstrong

Edward is an experienced marketeer in the outdoor advertising sector and leads our marketing team. A specialist in revenue-focused direct marketing strategies, Edward has an in-depth knowledge of the advertising industry and is responsible for the company’s marketing strategy. […]

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Richard Eccles

Richard has many years’ experience delivering outdoor media income contracts for central and local government organisations. Skilled in growing and managing businesses, Richard is responsible for ensuring our business delivers on its promises and creating successful partnerships with our clients. […]

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Mike Brennan

Mike has a wealth of knowledge of the outdoor advertising industry, gained from years of experience in some of the UK’s most influential global media companies. Joining in 2010 from CBS Outdoor, Mike has held leadership roles in the outdoor media and radio industries, including some of the UK’s most high-profile media organisations. Specialising in […]

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Andrew Walker

At just 22, Andrew launched his inaugural advertising venture and has since gone on to establish a thriving empire in airport and bus advertising. As the founder of Adgroup, a conglomerate of successful companies, and Adbus Ltd., which rose to become the second largest bus advertising company in the UK before its sale to Titan […]

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Mike Terry

Mike has been selling bus advertising since 1998, having previously worked for the Nottingham Evening Post. Prior to this he was a retail manager for a chain of home computer stores. Mike has a strong customer service ethos and this has stood him in good stead when building his territory in and around Nottingham, where […]

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