We wanted to reach out to Colourbank Flooring and Bed Superstore this month to learn more about their thoughts and experiences with outdoor advertising After landing multiple extended campaigns with them over the years, we are thrilled that they currently have nine live bus advertisements campaigns with us in Leicester City.

As experts in their business, Colourbank understands that the first impressions of a room and the first physical interaction a person has with it, is the flooring. Your home’s flooring can completely transform it. It can make a space appear colder, warmer, larger, smaller, more personal, cosier and opulent in an instant, whether at a hotel, home or office. Making a good first impression on potential tenants or buyers is critical. The value of your home can be increased by following current trends, fashions and quality.

Colourbank also specialises in the bed and mattress sector. They recognise how significant a bed is in one’s life. We sleep for a third of our lives, so it’s no surprise that it affects our waking life. As a result, our beds and mattresses are critical to our overall well-being, particularly our mental and physical health.

Given these considerations, it’s no wonder that Colourbank works hard to attain a high standard of work and excellent customer service, whether it’s installing a little carpet in a bathroom, installing new hard flooring for a hotel reception, or picking the right mattress and bed. They never take their clients for granted, and nothing makes them happier than customers who come back to them again and again, much as Adverta is pleased with their repeat business for bus advertising campaigns.

Mel Sharpe, our Regional Account Manager, has been involved from the beginning, reaching out to Simon Johnson, Director of Colourbank in 2020 to discuss the many products and services we offer through bus advertising. Over the years, Mel and Simon have developed a strong working relationship.

The initial 12-month campaign began in October 2020 with a Single-Deck Mega rear advert on two buses on the Centrebus fleet. This was renewed the following year in 2021 with an extended 16-month contract. In addition to this, Colourbank took out a further 7 Single-Deck Mega Rear adverts which were fixed in 2021, meaning they currently have a total of 9 adverts live with us. This has enabled the business to maximise exposure in Leicester city centre and the surrounding areas.

Single-Deck Mega Rears, also known as “moving billboards,” are one of our most popular panel kinds. Colourbank have consistently used the same panel type since they are portrait sized and create a dramatic statement.

We asked Simon Johnson, Director of Colourbank, why he chose to advertise on buses. He explained, “We wanted to experiment with new types of advertising because traditional advertising is no longer sufficient. We wanted to test new approaches because reaching new audiences is becoming increasingly challenging.”

Benefits of Outdoor Advertising with Adverta – Simon’s Views

Colourbank has continued to use our outdoor advertising campaigns to promote their business, which we are grateful for. They’ve stated that they advertise in local newspapers, radio, theatres, flyers, magazines, online ads, roadside billboards and local sports teams, but finding new clients is becoming increasingly tough. Colourbank have been impressed by the high-impact of a simple installation of the Single-Deck Mega Rear advert on multiple buses on the Centrebus fleet, which covers Leicester and the neighbouring areas.

We were intrigued to see what kind of measurable effects their bus advertising campaign could produce. Simon added that they were initially sceptical, but that after their customers reported seeing the bus ads on the city streets of Leicester, they were very pleased with the feedback, especially because they were able to see it for themselves, a fantastic result. They were also ecstatic to see one of their buses in a television show’s background! What a fantastic chance for exposure.

Colourbank has stated that “The whole process is easy and very swift. The service is always very good, responses are quick and nothing is too much trouble” and that they would strongly recommend other businesses to use Adverta bus advertising and services.

Dedicated to offer great service!

Colourbank Carpet and Beds superstores are a Leicester-based firm that has been in business for over 30 years and has two superstores with over 1,000,000 square metres of products at the greatest prices and service. Colourbank has gone from strength to strength and they now carpet over 5,000 homes a year! They stock over 1000 rolls of all kinds of flooring. Their warehouse showrooms are Leicester’s biggest, with three floors of carpets and flooring, beds and mattresses.

They’ve built a fantastic national reputation, meeting their customers’ needs and bragging that they’ve fitted more homes in Leicester than anyone else, with a strong and dedicated crew of 40 people working seven days a week to ensure that their service is outstanding and their price is competitive. Their carpet salespeople are regarded for providing excellent advice and extensive understanding of a wide selection of flooring, from deep, lush carpets to solid hardwood floors. Hazelton Homes, Countryside Properties, Cadeby Homes, Commercial Contractors, ASD Property Services and Victoria Hall Students are just a few of their long-term clients to name a few.

Colourbank offer free quotes and samples for any flooring with no obligation to buy. They have a solid reputation for selling affordable beds and mattresses from some of the most well-known brands. In addition, they have a dedicated bed delivery service that works seven days a week to bring these mattresses to you for free; they take the mattress to the room of your choosing, unpack it and dispose of the packaging! Equally they have a large range of bedsteads, pillows, divan bases and headboards.

Colourbank currently has a well-stocked trade counter that supplies carpet and flooring installers with low-priced trade carpets. It is open at 7.30am at their conveniently placed showroom at Crest Rise, Leicester, with a vast choice of tools and accessories. As most items are in stock, fitters can place their order and pick it up whenever they need it, providing tradesmen with quick and easy service.

They are extremely proud to have a Which? Trust Traders Accreditation. They are accredited with SMAS (Safety Management Advisory Services).

If you want to learn more about Colourbank’s fantastic services and products, go to their website or pay them a visit at their showrooms at Crest Rise or Cavendish Road, Leicester.

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