Why Bus Adverts for the Education Sector?

Reaching out to students through traditional routes can be very difficult. Even if you’re up with your digital marketing tactics, it can still be very difficult to reach young people who don’t want to like your educational site’s Facebook page or follow your Twitter feed. We have vast experience in creating adverts for the education sector.

Bus Adverts for the Education Sector

Bus advertising is very effective at targeting students, as well as parents who could be helping young adults to make decisions about what they will be doing come September. This is because bus travel is more common with younger people who perhaps have not learned to drive yet or who cannot afford a car.

The largest age group of passengers who travel by bus are 15-24 years old. You can grab their attention with a stylish or informative bus advertisement, one which they will see regularly with numerous bus trips each week.

Likewise, exterior adverts on buses capture the attention of drivers taking their kids to school, perhaps in the last year before choices have to be made about sixth form or college.

We have seen success with a number of advertising campaigns for educational establishments, including a recent campaign highlight for Bulwell Academy who won our campaign of the month in July.

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