Tram Advertising Action Photo – Best of December 2015

Tram advertising in Nottingham

Tram advertising at its best! For the second consecutive month our Sales & Commercial Director, Mike Terry, has won our ‘Best Photo’ competition with this picture of a Tram T-side advert.

Tram T-side adverts are created using a mixture of two different panel types; a super square section in the centre plus four large tramliner panels above the windows.This results in a bold 80ft long by 10ft high advert and imposes the brand message above street level.

This huge visual is eye-catching and almost impossible to get lost in the crowd or traffic. The end result is that it will catch the eye of pedestrians, drivers and tram commuters alike.

This campaign was on behalf of Nottingham City Council’s to advertise their Christmas markets and was chosen by us due to the impact it has as it travels around Nottingham – it really is unmissable!

The advert in question, being brightly coloured, also added some much-needed glamour to an otherwise cold winter’s day in December, we’re sure you’ll agree!

With over 10 million tram passenger journeys a year, the tram is a successful and integral part of the Nottingham passenger transport network. Adverta is the sole provider of high profile advertising sites on the interior and exterior of the tram (as well as the buses) in the heart of Nottingham City Centre.


Why Tram Advertising?


  • Trams are on the road for between 15-18 hours a day, seven days a week
  • The route through Nottingham passes Nottingham Railway Station, the Theatre Royal, Nottingham Trent University, the Old Market Square and Nottingham High School
  • Trams also take your message out to residential areas, so give the mobile billboard effect
  • Trams give your audience the opportunity to see your message time and time again, reinforcing the brand message
  • Tram adverts are visually unavoidable


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