Bus advertising in Nottingham

Come direct to the only bus advertisers in Nottingham

Bus advertising campaigns in Nottingham can be tailored to suit your business’s specific needs, with a range of formats, short and long-term campaigns and affordable pricing options to deliver an effective advertising platform for growth and success.

Key Statistics:


      • Reach 61% of Nottingham’s population every week.

      • Reach over 1,000 people per hour!

      • Showcase your business to over 300,000 people every week.

      • A cost-effective opportunity to engage with your local audience.

      • 32,600 bus journeys take place each week.

      • Short and long-term campaigns and affordable pricing options.

      •  Capture attention on different bus routes around Nottingham.


        • Repeat exposure to commuters on their daily commute.

        • Different ad types to suit your needs.

        • Capture attention from both pedestrians and all vehicles.

        • The average bus advert is wider than the average house.

        • Your business can become a recognisable fixture in the daily lives of Nottingham’s residents.

        • 30 million people have seen advertising on a bus in the last week and 90% of people live within five minutes of a bus route.