Bus Advertising Action Photo – Best of January 2016

This photo of a Quotient Clinical bus advertising campaign was taken by our Sales and Commercial director, Mike Terry, which gives him his third win in a row!

This photo is a perfect example of the extended dwell time that can be offered by internal bus adverts, giving passengers more time to take in your message and branding.

A Small Bus Advert with a BIG Impact!


Bulkhead bus adverts are a fantastic way to communicate your message with passengers, as they are placed in key locations and they are often at eye level. These factors, teamed with the average bus journey being 30 minutes, means that a bulkhead advertising campaign is hard to miss; which is why Quotient Clinical have been using them for years.

Quotient Clinical, based in Ruddington, Nottingham, have over 20 years of experience in clinical trials and they have been involved in the development of medicines for many key health problems in the UK.

For more information on what they do, visit their website.

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