Advertising On Buses For Tourist Attractions

advertising on buses for tourist attractions

When it comes to marketing your business or destination to a market of tourists, it’s easy to believe that it’s best done online, given that it’s where you can reach more people on a wider scale. However, growing awareness in the real world can capture the attention of the tourists in the area right now, making them much more likely to take the fewer steps needed to land you some business.

Rather than static marketing such as billboards that many of them may miss, advertising on buses gives you the opportunity to make an impact all over the area with bright, engaging messages that are hard to miss.

About advertising on buses for tourist attractions

An engaging, attention-grabbing campaign of advertising on buses is excellent for positioning your brand where it matters most. Many of your most relevant target audience isn’t just going to be researching tourist attractions online. They’re going to be walking about town, seeing the sights. What if your business or destination was one of the sights they could see without being anywhere near it?

Not only is advertising on buses highly effective, but it’s also highly flexible. There are adverts of all kinds of different formats available, like the headliner, super square, and wrap advertisements. You can either convert existing visual assets easily to a new format or design a brand-new advertisement designed to capitalise on the sheer amount of space that a bus has to offer.

Why get your advertising on buses?

What makes advertising on buses so much more effective than other physical marketing methods? Here are just a few examples:

  • Unlike billboards and other forms of street signage, it moves from place to place, increasing the advertisement’s exposure to as wide an audience as possible.
  • In many cases, your target audience can’t simply walk past the advertisement or click on another page. Buses are so large and attention catching that more people are guaranteed to take notice.
  • People are used to what buses look like, so a colourful and visually engaging advert is even more likely to catch their attention
  • Both drivers and pedestrians are going to see your advertisement, meaning increased exposure and increased brand awareness.
  • Buses are big, and people on the street are closer to them, meaning that your advertisements are much easier to spot.
  • It’s highly flexible, meaning you can choose different advertising formats to match your budget.
  • There’s plenty of space for important information on the bus, such as your web address, physical location, phone number, prices, and more.

If you’re not yet convinced, just take a look at some of the different bus advertising formats featured on the website to see just how impactful and engaging they look.

Get the wheels on your tourism marketing rolling today

Want to start marketing your tourist attraction to those most likely to convert or to simply learn more about advertising on buses in your area? Get in touch with Adverta today and we can create bus advertising opportunities of all kinds, to fit all budgets, with transparent services and reliable prices.